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Uterine Sarcoma

Hi Rene and Ed,

Your forum is very informative!! Thank you for sharing and thank you for all your hard work !! Your story is very encouraging and makes me feel hope!!

I was diagnosed stage 1B uterine sarcoma in 2015. I did surgery only that time. The tumor was back after half year and locally advanced in my pelvis. I did surgery again and followed by chemo (gemzar and texotere) and radiation. I was “cancer free” for a year. One year later in May 2017, the tumor metastasized to my lung, two nodules (1.2 cm and 0.7cm) found in my left lung. I did chemo again, doxorubicin plus lartruvo. A newly approved best drug for uterine sarcoma. After that the tumor was stable. But unfortunately the tumor got back again last month. . The CT showed those previous two nodules grew up much bigger. One is 2.5cm and the other one is 1.7cm. And a new one 0.53cm showing up though not sure it’s tumor or inflammation yet.

My doctor offered me other chemo options. I decided to go for immunotherapy. Then I was referred by friends to find you.

Now I am doing SBRT at UCLA to get rid of those two nodules. Will have CT scan in 2 months. But I could not do nothing but waiting, as I know the tumor will be back.

MY questions are:

1) you mentioned you did coley’s toxin At Mexico. Could you please let me know which hospital you did that?

2) I have been trying to see if I could get PD-1 and CTLA4 inhibitors. Before I get them, do you recommend me to do Coley for a certain time?

3) you mentioned in your story you used a vaccine by Dr Old’s help, what that is? Will you recommend me to use it?

4) could you please give me some suggestions at this moment what Immunotherapy i may consider doing before I could have pd-1 inhibitor?

5) You introduced your omega 3/6 diet. And I know I should take omega 3 after immunotherapy. I am getting very skinny and weak even I am afraid I have cachexia because my muscles are all gone even though I walk 1-2 miles whenever I can on a day. So how do you balance your diet for strengthening yourself to have energy to battle your cancer? I worry if eating low omega 6 foods basically I need cut of sugars and meats. Plus I have to cut soy foods because my tumor type is ER receptor positive I need to eliminate hormones intake. I am very concern on what I should eat...

Thank you very much!!


Rene and Edward Chee
Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your story and reaching out to us.

Our book should answer questions #1-5 in great detail. The thinking process and scientific basis behind the immunotherapy strategy, as well as practical tips are built up through the book.

Wishing you a smooth recovery after your SBRT treatment,
Rene and Edward

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