Contents of Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy

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Part 1: Drawn to Immunotherapy

1  Pain and Numbness

2  A Damaged Immune System

3  Deciding to Do More

4  Exploring Alternative Cures

5  Coley's Toxins: A 100-Year-Old Immunotherapy

Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy. How it happened a century ago, what we learned as we attempted it, and why it is possible today.

Part 2: Pursuing Immunotherapy

6  Targeting Cancer with T Cells

7  How Tumors Evade the Immune System

8  Activating the Immune System with Coley's Toxins

9  The Violence of the Immune System

10 Waiting for Immunotherapy to Work

11 Combining Immunotherapy for Better Results

12 Immunotherapy in Germany

13 Taking No Chances: Consolidative Surgery

14 Injecting Tumors

15 Diet-Based Immunotherapy

Part 3: Immunotherapy Today

16 Seizing the Cure

A Tribute to Dr. Lloyd Old


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