The basis behind the high omega 3/low omega 6 regimen is explained in Chapter 15.

We've gotten many questions on how to go about this, so details on the high omega 3 supplementation are outlined below. Since high omega 3 goes hand-in-hand with the low omega 6 diet, information on the low omega 6 diet is outlined here.


1) BLEEDING RISK:  Platelet function will decrease with high fish oil supplementation. 

**Do not** take high omega 3 if:

* taking blood thinning medication such as warfarin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID).

taking medications that cannot be taken with warfarin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

will have surgery or procedure that has a bleeding risk.

Stop omega 3 for:

* 2 weeks to 1 month before procedure with bleeding risk.

Consult with doctor and carefully monitor platelet function with PFA 100 test (Platelet Function Analyzer).

The usual PT/INR test (Prothrombin Time and International Normalized Ratio) for platelet function will not detect the decreased platelet function.

* 2 weeks before a decision point for treatment (such as scans or blood tests to detect tumor)

This is a rule I follow to make sure that there will be no complications if I have to go for any procedure such as surgery, cryoablation or biopsy right after the scans/ blood tests.

2) HARD TO DIGEST fish oil + DHA: gas, bloating, stomach discomfort, diarrhea

- To minimize the fishy taste of liquid fish oil: 1) Store immediately in refrigerator after opening, 2) Take fish oil with cold or room temperature water as warm/hot water accentuates the fishy taste.

- To help the digestion of fish oil + DHA:

1) I take the fish oil + DHA right after a full meal.

2) I also don't sit down or lie down right after taking the fish oil/ DHA.

3) If I still feel indigestion, I take digestive enzymes containing lipases (which digest fats). Vitalzym is a brand we take.

4) For more sensitive stomachs, another method is to take the fish oil with food.  Such as eating bread or rice with fish oil poured on top.  This may help with the emulsification and subsequent digestion of the fish oil.


I notice I get bruises more easily on this regimen.  If I don't have any procedures coming up, I'm not concerned. 


The important thing is sustainability and the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 (omega 3 needs to be higher than omega 6).

Every person's ability to take omega 3 supplements and adjust their diet is different, as well as how they feel on the high omega 3, so do what is sustainable for you. **There is no fixed formula, apart from keeping the omega 3 higher than the omega 6.**

It's better to go for a lower amount of omega 3 than what I did and do it consistently, than to do a very high dose of omega 3 just for a short while and give up on the regimen.

I was able to take about 24 g total of omega 3 a day and keep my omega 6 to about 10g daily for 3 years.

Patient DH had regression of all his tumors after 10 years on 17g omega 3 supplementation and 10g of dietary omega 6.

Source of omega 3 supplementation:

The source of my omega 3 supplementation was through fish oil (EPA + DHA) and algae oil (DHA). 

I take a concentrated liquid fish oil. Liquid fish oil is usually fresher than the pills. Also this concentrated fish oil allows me to take small amounts to attain high concentrations.  The fish oil I use is Carlson's Medomega.

To attain the same ratio of EPA to DHA as patient DH, I took additional DHA from algae oil (Neuromins).

Example of my daily omega 3 supplementation:

after lunch - 4 teaspoons (20mL) of Medomega liquid fish oil + 10 pills of DHA Neuromins (200mg DHA per pill)

after dinner - 4 teaspoons (20mL) of Medomega liquid fish oil + 10 pills of DHA Neuromins (200mg DHA per pill)

Total daily EPA = 8 teaspoons x 1.18g EPA = 9.44g EPA

Total daily DHA = (8 teaspoons x 1.18g DHA) + (20 pills x 0.2g DHA) = 9.44g + 4g = 13.44g

Ratio of DHA to EPA = 13.44/ 9.44 = 1.42 

Where to buy:

"Carlson" Medomega Fish oil (from Vitacost, from Amazon, from iherb)

  • for other brands, we recommend fish oil with no heavy metals and a high enough concentration of EPA + DHA

"Source Naturals" or "Nature's Way" DHA Neuromins 200mg (from Vitacost, from Amazon, from iherb)