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Recent breakthroughs suggest we are on the verge of curing cancer with the immune system. Once-terminal patients are still alive over a decade later. These modern results corroborate the findings of Dr. William Coley, an American surgeon who cured terminal cancer 100 years ago. 

This is the real-life story of Rene Chee, a biologist diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer soon after marriage. Given a dismal prognosis, she and her husband pursue conventional and alternative medicine, discover immunotherapy, and strive to unleash her immune system against the cancer. They have an ally: a world-renowned immunologist who shapes their understanding and strategy in their battle for survival. 

Through the lens of their story, the reader will be empowered with a broad understanding of immunotherapy. Readers will learn how to leverage the immune system in powerful and practical ways against cancer using drugs, diet and determination. 

Topics covered include: 

  • How the immune system can eradicate cancer 

  • How tumors can hide from the immune system 

  • How to maximize immunotherapy by combining treatments 

  • How low-carb diets and high omega-3 diets can weaken tumor defenses 

  • How to get immunotherapy, even if it’s not yet approved for your cancer 

An immune-based cure is possible today. If you are ready to examine the evidence and see how it can be achieved, this book is for you.

Proof the Immune System Can Cure Cancer

Over 100 years ago, a Harvard-trained surgeon named William Coley discovered how to activate the immune system against cancer by injecting bacteria into tumors. In an era before radiation and chemo, he achieved success comparable to modern drugs. Importantly, some of his patients survived for decades—effectively cured.

How I Survived with Immunotherapy

I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, while working as a research biologist at Stanford University. After a year of debilitating treatment, I learned my chances of survival were dismal. Against all odds, my husband and I dropped everything to pursue an immune-based cure. We were guided by a world-leading scientist.

How You Can Survive With Immunotherapy

Have you been told your cancer can't be cured? That it'll eventually come back? Discover how immunotherapy can teach your body to suppress cancer forever. Examine modern day success stories of patients once at the brink of death, now cancer free. Learn how how you can get immunotherapy.

The Book

  • Paperback and E-book versions

Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy. How it happened a century ago, what we learned as we attempted it, and why it is possible today.

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